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Common Garage Door Issues: Broken Garage Door Opener

In 2007, there were 1,610 reported injuries caused by non-professionals trying to fix their garage door themselves…

Broken Garage Door Opener

Unfortunately, these appliances don’t last forever. Most garage doors open 1,500 times a year and most garage door openers can withstand about 10,000 operations before malfunctioning.

Only 40% of garage door openers were found to be working properly when tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Properly Maintain Your Garage Door System

Your garage door is most likely the largest moving part in your home and is used every day. An annual visit from a trained garage door systems technician will keep your door operating properly for a long time. Learn about our Planned Maintenance Program, or contact us for garage door service or garage door repair.


More Common Garage Door Issues

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